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Morgan T, Class of 2022

Student shoveling in front of SES

I wholeheartedly believe that SES is producing future world leaders. People here stick to their convictions and do their best to live what they believe. We are all grounded and united in our love and appreciation for the environment. The opportunities here are like none other. You're not going to find many LEED Certified buildings, led by students, in the world. We are the change, I encourage all of you to be part of that change.

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I chose this school because it seemed like a close knit community and I thrive when there are one-on-one connections with everyone. Plus, the outdoor adventures and unique setup captured my attention.


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Cynthia K,  Class of 2022

student in graduation cap

Wyatt B, Class of 2023

student standing near birch pond

In the fall of 2021, I helped to input the water bills as part of the process for getting our building LEED Certified and I am currently working on creating a video that explains what LEED has accomplished. I also campaigned for students to waste less water through posters and meetings and I learned how to identify the flora and fauna in our ecosystem.


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Liz P Class of 2023

student working in the field

To me, sustainability is living at one with the world, not above or against it. Sustainability is such a controversial topic, and one I unfortunately see as being such for many years to come. However, I believe the more people recognize that living sustainable is not a threat to our economy, rather an important component of it, the more reachable sustainability will be for the world.


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Zach E, Class of 2023

student at the end of a dock

SES is a fun environment where you learn things and have unique experiences that cannot match any other high school in the state.


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