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Junior Houses: Thematic Studies 11 

Welcome! You have chosen to participate in an exciting adventure this year. 

You will be studying in an integrated, interdisciplinary environment. Instead of taking three separate classes in language arts, social studies and environmental science, you will be taking one class, Thematic Studies 11 (House).

The lessons will often be team-taught by your theme teachers. Even though each teacher has a content specialty, they will be working with you in many capacities, not just the English teacher, the science teacher, or the social studies teacher. They consider themselves Thematic Studies teachers.

Course of Study

Each trimester is organized around a series of thematic questions.

  • Fall: What are the relationships between organisms and water?
  • Winter: How did things come to be?
  • Spring: What is your relationship with the natural world?

Readings, lectures, labs, discussions, group activities and more will help you develop a thorough answer to each question. Assignments and assessments will be integrated, including content and skills from language arts, social studies and environmental science, as well as exploring real-world connections between those subjects. 

In addition, juniors can select to participate in AP Biology, AP World History, and/or AP Language and Composition as part of their Thematic Studies course.

Junior Summer Letter