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Environmental Science - Grade 12

The Environmental Science element of the Thematic Studies (House) course examines deeply interconnected systems tied to sustainability. Biodiversity, population biology, evolutionary change, and the environmental impacts of human actions are at the center of this examination. The student’s ability to apply the unique tools of the scientist and to use objective problem solving techniques character- istic of scientific thought are expanded and refined. Through this component of the senior year, the student will have the opportunity to develop a solid scientific foundation for interpreting writings and media about the environment and for making decisions in a political world.

As closure to an intensive, full year investigation of the environmental issues that face our global population, SES seniors will have the opportunity to explore their own role as environmental leaders. Through a variety of individual and group activities and projects, the SES graduate will have the knowledge and skills necessary to model sustainable action as members of local, national, and global community.

Prerequisite: None

  • Grade 12