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Boundary Waters Canoe Trip Field Study

Leaving behind electricity, gas engines and other forms of civilization we set out in our canoes with all the supplies we will need for a week of exploration. Our trip will take us through rivers and lake systems that are essentially untouched by the BWCA travelers of the summer. We’ll investigate the emergence of spring in this land just after it has lost the winter snow. The fantastic explosion of life will give us plenty to explore and learn about this very unique environment just out our back door. Our camping will be zero impact. The skills for this type of camping as well as the skills needed to travel over rivers and streams with all your gear will be a large part of the learning on the trip. Expect to grow in your ability to be aware of natural systems around you. Expect also to better understand the workings of groups as you will be traveling with only eight other people for the week. Everything from your cooking expertise to your ability to play the harmonica will grow as the group becomes solid and the boundary waters reveals its secrets. Students will be required to pay all travel expenses. 

Approximate Cost: $600

Rigor: 2

Lodging: Tent Camping

  • Physcial Education Credit
  • Trimester 3