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Glacier National Park Field Study (odd yrs)

This course is only offered trimester 3 during odd calendar years.

This field study is steeped in history, from traveling on the “Empire Builder” train and discussing James J. Hill, Manifest Destiny and its impacts, to the creation of Glacier National Park in Montana (and the National Park system generally), to a study of history of the park’s indigenous peoples--and the detrimental cultural and economic impact the creation of the Park has had on them. The field study involves daily hikes in stunning Glacier National Park while studying the geology, flora and fauna of the region. The study also offers an excellent opportunity to study the impact of fire (wildfires) on the ecosystem generally, and the impact of Climate Change on glacier specifically.

Approximate cost: $1,400

Rigor: 2+

Lodging: Hostels

  • Physcial Education Credit
  • Trimester 3