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The registration process at SES is similar to what occurs across District 196 for high school students. The primary differences are related to the clustering/naming of the Thematic Studies courses, registration for Intensive Theme courses, and the opportunity to take home high schools courses in conjunction with SES courses. 

Registration for SES Courses

General information about SES course options, graduation requirements, and course descriptions are available on the pages under Explore SES titled: House Courses, Non-House Courses, and Intensive Theme Courses

District 196 Graduation Requirements

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Registering for courses not offered at SES (home high school courses)

There are certain courses that can NOT be taken at a student's home high school when enrolled at SES. These courses include English, social studies, art, physical education and health courses, as all are offered at SES. Additionally, students can NOT take math or science courses at their home high school, unless there is a schedule conflict. 

Courses that CAN be taken at a student's home high school include, Business, FACS, Technology, Dance, Band, Choir, World Language, and Career Development, as these are NOT offered at SES. Space and availability restrictions may apply. 

If a student chooses to take an elective course at their home high school, registration for the home high school course needs to be indicated on the paper registration worksheet which are distributed and collected during the registration process by SES.

Please note

  • Students will not have access to register for courses at their home high school through Academic Planner. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT TAKE COURSES AT YOUR HOME HIGH SCHOOL!
  • If you are open enrolled,  the school office will assist you in accessing this information. 


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Final Steps for the registration process

Once you have determined the courses you would like to take, indicate your choices on the your registration sheet. Current juniors will turn in their registration sheets mid February. For current sophomores, SES Admin will come to your school to collect your registration forms. Check Schoology for specific dates or call 952-431-8750.

Please note: After registration is complete, ALL schedule change requests for both SES courses AND home high school courses must be made through SES.