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CIS: Animal Science

Introduction to Animal Science would be of benefit to any student planning on entering the field of animal care whether it is with pets, livestock, or exotics. Course content will emphasize fundamental concepts of physiology, nutrition, animal breeding and management. Students will gain experience in classroom and lab settings with pets and companion animals, rabbits, horses, dairy cattle, swine, poultry, fish, and other animals. Requirements set by the University for enrollment include being in the top 50% of your class or instructor approval. If you are not in the top 50% of your class, but feel this course is a good fit, please contact the instructor.

Students successfully completing Animal Science A, B, and C may be able to earn college credit from the University of Minnesota. Students should contact the course instructor for more information.

NOTE: This course is part of the District 196 Career Development Program and is taught at SES.

  • CIS (College in the Schools)