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Honors Chemistry

This course will discuss general chemistry topics in more depth and at an accelerated pace, with a strong emphasis on mathematical understanding. It is recommended for students with a strong interest and ability in both science and mathematics. Honors Chemistry A will focus on matter, measurement, atomic structure, the periodic table and chemical naming; all of these being foundational to further study in Honors Chemistry B and C.

In Honors Chemistry B, the understanding of atoms and the ability to make and interpret measurements will be used to focus on chemical bonds, chemical reactions and the quantitative study of these reactions (stoichiometry). In addition and intensive study of molecular bonding and polarity will be included.

In Honors Chemistry C, the understanding of elements and compounds and the ability to make and interpret both qualitatively and quantitatively the chemical reactions that are observed in the labora- tory setting will be used to understand specific application of chemistry. The focus will be on phase changes (with emphasis on the thermochemistry), gas laws, solutions, reaction rate and equilibrium, acids and bases and electrochemistry. An introduction to organic chemistry may also be included. These topics will be strongly reinforced with the applications of mathematics.

Prerequisite: Algebra II Grade “B” or above or instructor’s approval. Additionally, continued enrollment each trimester is contingent upon successful completion of the previous trimester due to the cumulative nature of the content. 

  • Honors/AP