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To kick-off our final unit on the “Eastern Deciduous Forest” (the name for our local ecosystem) we have a special, day-long outside event planned for both junior houses. Three Rivers Park District naturalists will join us on May 3 and 4 to teach students about animal adaptations and landscape interpretation--how to teach about nature. Students will travel to 4 sessions throughout the day around the SES campus in groups of 15-18 students to learn from these naturalists. Students will also have a chance to work on their canoe skills on Birch Pond and to build community with a forest hike and socially-distanced team-building games.

Just as with the winter Jamboree day, this day is open to all juniors who want to attend in person, unless they are in quarantine. Those who normally distance learn should know that we plan to spend the entire day outside, masked and social distancing--beginning at 7:55 through 1:26. Zoom students who opt to learn from home will attend their elective classes on Forest Day and have two hours of “forest activities” to complete in a near-home forest setting. Distance students should let us know by Friday what they intend to do for this day.

On Forest Day, House will last all day long for those at SES. Students with home high school classes should communicate with their teachers about the event, and we will also be messaging the home high schools. This is a school authorized absence.

We are aware that a whole day outside may be a lot for our students who are celebrating Ramadan. House teachers will work individually with students who may need a modified day due to this important religious observance. Those students will be able to come inside as needed.

  • Monday, May 3rd Blue House “Day in the Forest”
  • Tuesday, May 4th Rose House “Day in the Forest”

Rain Day on Thursday, May 6th for either House in case of heavy rains--we will notify students if this is happening. We will hold the day for light rain, however.

  • There will be an optional night hike led by SES staff from 8:15-9:45 PM on May 3rd for Blue House and May 4th for Rose house students. Students should meet in the Johnny Cake parking lot at 8:15PM.

Any student who needs an epi-pen or uses allergy or asthma meds should plan to bring them for this day. Nurse Jenni will be on-hand all day.

We look forward to a wonderful “Day in the Forest” together!