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Friday Field Notes for August 28


Hello SES Community,

We are coming in the home stretch with the final preparations for an amazing (and unforgettable) 20-21 school year. In this Friday Field Notes, you will be getting a lot of information. If you are at the point where you are overwhelmed or confused, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will do all that we can to help every student, parent, and teacher feel excited and prepared for the year. While things are different, there is opportunity in change. It’s going to be a great year!


Lauren Trainer-Principal



  • Student Orientation 9/8 - 9/11 (see details below)

  • Parent/Guardian Orientation - Week of 9/8 (watch for an email from your student’s advisory teacher)

  • Student Picture Day - Cohort A: 9/28, Cohort B: 9/29, Cohort C: 9/30 (bussing will be provided)

  • ACT for Seniors - Tuesday, October 6

  • Pre-ACT for all Juniors - Wednesday, October 7

  • Fall Parent/Guardian & Teacher Conferences - Friday, October 9 (Virtual)



If your son or daughter has a current 504 accommodation plan in place, we would like to meet with you during the school year to review this plan. If you would like to meet with school staff before school starts, please complete this survey. If we don’t hear from you, a counselor or school psychologist will contact you about a year from your last meeting to review the plan. If your child had a different type of accommodation plan (and is NOT receiving special education services), feel free to fill out the survey, too, as we’d like to meet with you to discuss accommodations needed at SES. If your child doesn’t have any special plan, but you feel they need one, please contact our school psychologist,



Hopefully, you saw our message yesterday stating that schedules were ready to view through Infinite Campus. Once in the program, the menu containing the schedule information can be accessed through the three lines in the upper left corner of the main page. If the student has a class at their home high school, there will be an option to toggle between SES and their home high school schedule to view course details. Please note: the times written on the schedules in Infinite Campus are not correct for each class. Please see the daily schedule below in this email to better understand when each period starts and stops.

If you have any questions, concerns or need to make a change regarding your schedule, please click this link to schedule a time to talk with us and get it resolved. We believe asking you to complete a request via the link will expedite the process.



Students will begin school on Monday, September 14. Those that are participating in the hybrid option will be following their schedule with periods 1-4 on either Monday or Tuesday and periods 5-7 & Advisory on either Thursday or Friday following the times in the table below.

  • Cohort A: Last names A-K (In-person school Mon/Thurs)

  • Cohort B: Last names L-Z (In-person school Tues/Fri)

If a student travels to their home high school for a class, they will be dismissed from SES with enough time to safely drive to their home high school. If they return to SES after their home high school class, at a time that would make them late to an SES course, they will NOT be marked tardy and a plan with the SES teacher involved will be developed to ensure the student does not miss out on important course content.

Additional timing details:

  • Building doors open AND busses arrive at 8:00.

  • Building doors lock AND busses depart at 1:20.

  • If students need to be in the building beyond these hours, it MUST be arranged with a faculty or staff member in advance.


On the days that students are NOT physically attending school, they will still be responsible for an attendance check in (more information on this to come) and for completing assignments independently in all of their courses. These assignments will be available through Schoology.

Big picture



Students will begin school on Monday, September 14. Those who are participating in the Digital Academy option will be working independently to complete assignments posted in Schoology. They will also have two synchronous classes per day according to the schedule below. (Teachers will send out information regarding access to these sessions the week of September 8.)

Big picture

Additionally, teachers at SES will have open office hours to provide support from 1:40-2:00 each day for Digital Academy students.



During the week of September 8, we will be inviting all of our students to attend an orientation session to meet their teachers, run through their schedule, pick up materials, ask questions, and lay a foundation for our year of learning together. We have chosen to invite students according to their Advisory teachers, rather than by cohort group. Please note below which day your student will be attending orientation.

Students may choose to drive to orientation, however bussing will be provided. Students will be picked up at their bus stop at the time provided by transportation for a normal school day in 2020-21. The bus will then bring them to their home high school where they will transfer to a different bus that will shuttle them to SES.

Cohort A, Cohort B, and Cohort C (if they so choose) are invited to attend orientation on the day designated for their advisory group:

Big picture

Big picture

Students that have a home high school class for one or more periods of their schedule will report to the forum (big open space on the main level of the building) to receive instructions on the logistics of leaving and/or returning to SES during the school day.

Students who are participating in the Digital Academy and are not comfortable with attending the orientation event in-person, will have the opportunity to meet with their advisory teacher on Wednesday, 9/9 from 2:30-3:00 via Zoom. During this session, students will receive a brief overview of the Digital Academy schedule and will, most importantly, be able to ask any clarifying questions they may have. Any student from Cohort A/B that is not able to attend the in-person orientation, is also welcome to attend this Zoom session.

Additionally, Digital Academy students that are unable to attend in-person orientation, are invited to come to SES on Thursday, 9/10 from 12:00 - 2:00 to pick up materials, which may include:

  • Textbooks

  • Library books

  • Note packets

  • Other course resources

If you are open-enrolled at SES from outside of District 196 AND are part of the Digital Academy, this is also when you will receive your district-issued iPad.



Please make sure you have set up your PayPAMs account so that you are able to add money to and check the balance of your student’s lunch account.

Instructions (English, Spanish and Somali) to set up a PamPAMs account can be found on the District 196 Community tab under Families – Family resources. Balances will show up 1 – 2 days after the account is set up and the student is added to the Parents account.

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Below are a couple helpful links for your convenience.

Free and Reduced Application link:



While the school year may look a little different, one thing that hasn’t changed is our summer reading. Make sure you’re ready for the start of the school year by completing the summer reading assignment. Check out the details for Juniors and Seniors here. A few of the AP classes also have summer reading assignments, so make sure you look for that info in the letters as well. If you have any questions or concerns about the reading—you’re not too late to get it done now—please contact (Juniors) or (Seniors).



During hybrid learning, students will only be at school two days per week and so the cost of a parking permit for the first trimester will be ⅖ the typical cost, which comes out to $32. The ability to purchase a parking permit is NOW available in the MyPaymentsPlus system. Please login to purchase your permit for the first trimester.

* Students that travel to their home high school for a class ONLY need to purchase a parking permit through SES. The other schools will honor the SES parking permit in their student lots.



We have created a document that contains details specifically relevant to the SES learning community. We will continue to update this document between now and the official start of school for students on Monday, September 14. Please keep in mind that these details are fluid and will likely change, but our goal is to keep this document as up-to-date as possible. SES Back to School Info - August 2020



More, now than ever, we are understanding the value of a supportive community. SES strives to offer this support to our students as they learn, grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. We still have openings for this fall and would ask that you please pass this on to any friends and neighbors that might find SES to be the educational opportunity they are looking for! Visit to apply.


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