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Supporting Your Student

Hello SES Families,

We are here to support you and your student as you all try to get into the swing of what learning as either a hybrid or Digital Academy student feels like. All of our students seem glad to be back at school (or digitally connected). However, we are noticing many students are having a hard time staying consistent with all the hats they need to wear throughout the week. For example:

  • Some of our Cohort A/B students are great when they’re in the building, but struggle to continue to work independently from home the other three days of the week.
  • Some of our Digital Academy students are doing work but struggle to attend their zoom calls each day from 2:00-3:00.
    • Please encourage your student to attend these. They are not optional and will only help your child with their academic success.
    • Students should be communicating with their teacher if, for some reason, they can’t attend a zoom call.
    • Please support your student in prioritizing school during these times. They are still students in school and that should take precedent over work or social plans.
  • All students have access to their teachers for extra support on Wednesday afternoons, but aren’t necessarily taking advantage of it.
    • If your student is struggling, they should be connecting with their teachers during this time for help.

As you are aware, conferences are going on this week and next. We hope to connect with you either through our teacher-led virtual Open House Zoom calls or via individual conferences. You should have, or will be, receiving information from your student's teachers regarding their availability for individual conferences. 

Finally, we highly recommend setting up a “parent” account on Schoology if you haven’t done so already. This will give you access to your child’s assignments, grades, teacher feedback and class updates for as long as they are enrolled in District 196Visit this website for instructions on setting up and using your Schoology account

Together, we can help all students succeed. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Lauren Trainer, Principal