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Intensive Theme Starts Thursday, Feb. 18

Hello SES Community,

Intensive theme starts THIS THURSDAY (2/18) and we wanted to send a reminder with some details to make sure everyone knows where they should be on DAY 1!  Once there, you will get lots of information from your teachers and can ask follow up questions for future days.

Here are the details

How do I know which Theme Class I am in?

  • Go to Schoology and look for the class: Lifetime Fitness - (Activists, Artists or Animal-ists)


How do I know which Cohort I am in?

  • Cohort A - Last Names A - K

  • Cohort C-A - Digital Academy, Last Names A - K

  • Cohort B - Last Names L - Z

  • Cohort C-B - Digital Academy, Last Names L - Z


Where is the link for my theme class’s Zoom?

  • Go to Schoology and click on your class: Lifetime Fitness - (Activists, Artists or Animal-ists)

  • The link will be in the materials section of the class.


Where do I go on the first day of Winter Intensive Theme? (Thursday 2/18)

  • Lifetime Fitness - Activists (Cohort B/ C-B*) will be at SES for their Winter Jamboree Day! (8:00 - 1:15)

                       C-B may be participating via Zoom if they prefer not to be in-person

  • Lifetime Fitness - Activists (Cohort A/ C-A) will be at HOME learning via Zoom (9:00 - 12:00)

  • Lifetime Fitness - Artists (Cohort A/ C-A AND Cohort B/ C-B) will be at HOME learning via Zoom (9:00 - 12:00)

  • Lifetime Fitness - Animal-ists (Cohort A/ C-A AND Cohort B/ C-B) will be at HOME learning via Zoom (9:00 - 12:00)

  • ALL GROUPS working from home will do asynchronous physical activities in the afternoon.


What do I do on my Jamboree Day?

  • Each Theme Group/Cohort will be participating in ONE Winter Jamboree Day at SES. 

  • Answers to the questions below can be found by on this NEW slide deck:  Winter Jamboree Details 

  1. Which Day do I Attend?

  2. What is the Schedule? (What activities are we doing?)

  3. What do I Need to Bring?

  4. What if I'm in Cohort C?


How do I get to SES on my Jamboree Day (and on my In-Person days starting 2/22)

  • Students can take the bus, using their bus route times provided by district transportation

  • Students can park at SES for free