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SES Parking Pass - Spring Trimester

Attention Students who plan to drive to school beginning February 22, 2021:

You will NOT be charged a fee for parking until March 15th.

However, on that date, we will start issuing tickets for cars not displaying a parking pass from SES or their home high school within district 196.

To obtain a parking permit for Trimester 3, please follow this link for My Payment Plus.

       Look for 20-21 SES Parking Permit Tri 3 under HS activities.

The cost is $32 which is a 60% discount due to Covid and the fact you will not be in the building all 5 days.

       You will not be issued a parking permit nor allowed to park on campus starting March 15th if you have any outstanding books/fees/fines from the library, food service or previous unpaid parking tickets from this year or last year.  Please plan to take care of those as soon as you are able.

The Tiger lot at the MN Zoo is always available as a free option for SES students.

If you have any questions, please contact Caroline at