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The SES Wind Turbine is Back!

Last week a new wind turbine, to replace the one we lost in the fall of 2017, was installed by Kettle View Renewable Energy. Students and staff will be able to monitor the power the turbine generates and we have plans to use that information in a variety of classes, as well as to continue to maintain our LEED certification status.  

The owner of the company, Randy Faller, had planned to present to our students sharing the science, technology and green occupation options connected to wind turbine energy during the installation week. And, though this component of the installation will need to be postponed, we were able to capture much of the physical installation via photo and video, thanks to Mr. Rylander! (Be sure to check out the SES social media accounts!) The crew also let Mr. Rylander join in their tradition of signing the nose cone of each turbine they install.  Mr. Rylander took the opportunity to dedicate the turbine to the class of 2020!

Class of 2020 written in the new wind turbine
worker installing the wind turbine


workers installing the wind turbine


aerial view of the SES wind turbine