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Hello SES Families,

In the topsy turvy last two weeks, things have changed what seems like constantly. ISD 196 waited to hear what Governor Waltz’s orders would be and have a plan to support students and families as things evolve. As you are aware, this week, it was officially announced that we need to transition to distance learning starting 3/30. 

There have been a dizzying amount of emails and information sent out as we learn more and more, and this update is no exception. We are looking forward to starting this process on Monday, so we can get into a new routine and get back in the groove of learning with students.

Here’s what you can expect the week of 3/30:

  • Distance learning will begin on Monday. Please see the District’s new Distance Learning website for lots of useful information.
  • Students will have assignments everyday, posted from their teachers by 9:30 AM. Once posted, students can login at any time to complete their assignments.

  • Teachers will each have distance office hours everyday. They will be posted on our website (via the Banner related to Distance Learning prior to Monday) and on each teacher’s Schoology page.  During distance office hours, teachers will be readily available to answer student questions in real time. If your student logs in outside of these times, they can still message their teachers for answers, just know the response may not be immediate.

  • This is a transition! Teachers will be reaching out to each of you to ensure you have the information needed as you adjust to support a student who is participating in distance learning. In the meantime, please feel free to call me at (952) 431-8793 with questions or concerns. I'll check my voicemail many times each day. 

  • All of our staff are working during this time. This means we still be able to offer non-academic support to all students. If you are concerned about your student, please contact the nurse, school psychologist, or school counselor for support.  

Be well and stay tuned for more information as we learn it,

Lauren Trainer


A few FAQs:

Earth/Sky Days

Our Non-House classes will continue to be every other day (“Earth” and “Sky” days). This is to try to keep things as normal as possible for students both now, and when we transition back to school within the building.  Days are labeled on the school calendar available on our website. 

Assignment Deadlines

Assignments will have due dates. However, know that we are aware some students will have unique circumstances that may dictate the times that they are able to login to complete/submit these assignments. Please ask your child to be aware of assignments and their due dates and to communicate with teachers as needed. And, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions in supporting them. If teachers identify students who are either not logging in or not turning in assignments, we will be reaching out to help troubleshoot.

Standardized Tests 

ACT, MCA, AP, and the Multilingual Seal- at this point we are still learning what these might look like. Please stay tuned for more information.

Spring Student Events

Earth Day 4/22

We love Earth Day at SES. We typically celebrate it with a day-long event. Just because we are learning from a distance, it doesn’t mean we aren’t still going to celebrate it virtually. Please look for more details as we brainstorm with a few seniors regarding what we may do.

Conferences 4/23

We are still waiting to hear if we will have virtual conferences or not. Either way, please know we are here to work with you and communicate about your students any day- reach out if you need anything!

Data Day 4/24

This MAY go back to a regular distance learning day. WE aren’t sure yet but will let you know when we know!

Prom 5/1

Unfortunately, since the Governor said no school or school events through 5/4, we can’t have prom as scheduled. We are working with the venue to learn more about what our options may be. We will let you know when we know more.

Graduation & All-Night Party 6/4

We know all students and families are eager to hear more about our plans for these events. However, as we look to the Governor for guidance, we don’t have information beyond 5/4 at this time. Please know we care very much about these momentous occasions for students and will keep you posted when we get direction.


Student Meals

The district has been providing child care and school meals since March 18 and we are preparing to deliver grab-and-go meals to scheduled drop-off locations throughout the district beginning March 30. If interested in receiving free school meals for your child, complete this survey.

Many thanks to our clerical, custodial and food service staff who will continue to work (only if healthy) during the stay-at-home period and beyond to provide these essential services for families in our community.