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Weekly Wednesday Update April 22

Happy Earth Day! 

Today is the 50th anniversary of this wonderful celebration. We value our SES community and some creative senior teachers and students have found ways to help us celebrate Mother Earth together, despite distance learning. We always open the day with a little sing-along and so, this year, since we can’t all be together in the forum, we created a digital version to kick things off!  Faculty Earth Day Song


Students have been encouraged to participate in a variety of activities celebrating Earth Week at SES!  Each day has a theme and opportunities to get involved with celebrating and saving our beautiful planet.  All the students, including our incoming juniors, are part of the SES Earth Week 2020 Schoology Group.  This is where all the activities/links are being posted and where students are encouraged to jump in, participate, and share images in the digital media album.

Next week we will have highlights from each day’s events, so we are encouraging ALL SES students (and their families) to jump in and find an event or activity to celebrate Earth Day. 

Students can...

… sign up on the Citizen Science site iNaturalist and join the “SES iNaturalist Project” to collect and submit scientific data.

… create Earth Day Art (a song, poem, poster or story) to be shared during the SES Art Festival on Friday. 

… reading, watching, and discussing one or more of the articles and activities posted in the Schoology group.

… participating in a service project (more information tomorrow on the Schoology group. 

… participate in today’s SES School Spirit challenge: Who are you Hiking with Wednesday? 

Specific details about each activity above, and how to submit your participation can be found within the SES Earth Week 2020 Schoology Group


A few Updates from Principal Trainer

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We are finishing out our fourth week of Distance Learning, with a short week, as there is no school for students on Friday.  Additionally, this week is still conference time at SES, just in a different way. We value teacher/parent communication and encourage you to check your student’s grades regularly, especially during this time of change. One great way to do that is to ask your student to pull up their grades in Schoology and have a conversation about them together. Teachers are making sure that what Schoology shows is accurate this week so you have a realistic sense of what your student is accomplishing in each class. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to teachers to get support or clarification. Even students who have had a hard time adjusting to the change of Distance Learning and are feeling far behind can still work for a “P” ( a passing grade to earn the credit). We are here to help and don’t want our students to get behind due to the pandemic. Let’s all work together!

End of Year Events

We are still uncertain what the plan is for the rest of the school year. As you are aware, the governor has not yet said if we will be returning to School May 5th as planned or if he will extend the Safe at Home order. This makes planning for traditional end of the year activities difficult. Please know that honoring our graduating seniors is a priority and we will do something to make sure their accomplishments are recognized. At this time, we are not cancelling the senior award ceremony or graduation, but we are actively planning alternatives to the traditional ceremonies, should we need to use them. Senior students and parents can look for a survey to help share their creative ideas soon. All ISD 196 high schools are meeting and working together to plan for these momentous events. Stay tuned for more information.

Attention Senior Parents

Many parents have reached out wanting to order SES yard signs to celebrate our SES Senior Class of 2020.  A parent is coordinating orders of these signs (for multiple schools in the area) using the order form Let’s Honor Those Seniors.  They are $14.00 and the current order deadline is Saturday, April 25th at 9:00am.  It appears there have been multiple rounds of ordering, but if you have any questions regarding the signs/ordering process please reach out directly to the parent coordinating. (Her email at the top of the order form.)


Notes on Tech Issues and Support

iPad Tech Tip

Did you know that your iPad has an easy scanner option? It is really easy to scan your documents, convert them to a PDF, and submit your work into Schoology using the Notes app. Here is a video short to learn more.

Schoology for Checking Grades

Support structures in place for distance learning:

Items worth being repeated:

  • Three popular fixes for iPad issues:

    • Updating the iPad’s operating system in Settings

    • Updating the app that has been the issue by reinstalling it in Self Service (student App Store). The most common apps in need of an update are Schoology, Drive, Docs, and Notability.

    • Restarting the iPad by turning it off completely and then back on

  • Schoology has been working better in a browser {} than on the App.

  • While working with the district tech people, we have found out that if you have Charter/ Spectrum internet there is an issue with the two programs working together. Please use the Home Internet Browsing Issue Workaround Directions document to help alleviate this issue. 


Week 4 of distance learning: We’re driving each other crazy!

These times are challenging for everyone’s mental health -  parents, teachers and students alike! As a parent of teenagers, I know firsthand the challenges this time brings! When our teens (spouses, co-workers, parents) are acting in ways we would rather they didn’t, that unpleasant behavior stems from an emotion. Are you tired of nagging your teen to get up before noon? Are they constantly irritable and argumentative? Click HERE to learn how to address the emotion that is driving their rather unpleasant behavior. Feel like you need more help? Email me at

 Still struggling to build a new routine? Homework just not getting done? You know you should exercise, but it’s just not happening? Check out these tips for building new habits!

Our district has also created a Virtual Calming Room to help with managing stress. There are meditations, soothing sounds, yoga, mindfulness exercises and more. Check it out!

Terri Cairns, SES School Psychologist 


Notes from Counselor Nelson

AP Testing:

As we get closer to the start of the Advanced Placement exams which start the week of May 11, AP students should make sure they: know the date and time of their exam, have a valid e-mail account and are receiving emails from AP, and are all set with an appropriate electronic device to take the exam at home.  If you don't have internet service or a working electronic device, AP will help you, but you must contact them by Friday, April 24.

In the 4/8 Weekly Wednesday Updates we included a summary of the changes made by The College Board regarding students' ability to take AP Exams at home. Students and families are highly encouraged to visit theAP Coronavirus Updates page. This page contains details including: the dates for each exam, how exam administration will be structured, and specifics about the types of question(s) that each exam will ask. 

If you have any questions about AP testing, please ask your AP teacher or the SES AP Coordinator, Nathan Nelson. We appreciate all of your flexibility and understanding as we work through this unique time.

SES Senior Scholarships:

There are eight scholarships available and the application deadline is Friday, May 1. For your reference, the application process is outlined on the SES website.

SES Foundation:  Five - $1000 scholarships for SES seniors.

Flint Hills Discovery: Two - $2500 scholarships for SES seniors.

Fairview Ridges:  One - $1500 scholarship for a SES senior.

Criteria:  Each applicant will be evaluated on: academics, activities, community service, and leadership. To be eligible for the Flint Hills scholarship, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.6 and have plans to pursue a career in a math or science related field.  Applicants should also have experience in leadership and entrepreneurialism.


SES Yearbook Orders

Yes!  You can still get a 2019-20 SES yearbook!  The yearbook is complete and there are a limited number of copies still available to order online through the Jostens site. Having a yearbook is a great way to make you smile,  remembering all the fun events and friendly faces from our SES community that we are missing so much this spring!  

If we are not back to the SES building when the yearbooks arrive, we will plan a distribution event to make sure everyone gets access to their book of memories!