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SES 2020-21 Digital Academy Option

Hello SES Families,

Thanks so much for your support and patience as the state and district figure out how to safely bring our students back to school. As you can imagine, there will be many communications coming your way as things take shape for September. In fact, there is a school board meeting tonight that will provide some guidance. We should be able to get an email out to you this week with some SES-specific details. 

However, I know many of you are making the decision about electing to do Distance Learning for the Fall or not. The district website shares quite detailed information about what that plan could look like and how it will differ from how things were last spring. One thing some SES families have found confusing, is the terminology used when describing the curriculum. The site references “home high school” curriculum. Just to be clear, SES students who choose Distance Learning (196 Digital Academy) for the fall will still have SES curriculum. We will offer all our classes online and look forward to building and further developing relationships with all our students, whether they choose to come to school a few days or week or access our curriculum online only. 

I hope that helps!

Lauren Trainer, Principal