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Weekly Wednesday Update June 10

Hello SES Families,

Today is June 10th… the last day of school for the 2019-20 school year! We are so grateful for our amazing SES community, especially in these times. Never have we felt the need to support one another more than in the midst of a pandemic and the call to change as a society after the death of George Floyd and so many others. SES strives to be a community that is radically inclusive and safe. We continue to reflect on that and improve our practices. We believe in our vision statement which is: “A thoughtful community of leaders engaging with others to create a sustainable world.” We look forward to working with students again in the fall to learn from one another and to process 2020. 

Please be safe this summer, we have much to do together!

Lauren Trainer


Final Day of the 2019-20 School Year

Many juniors visited the SES building over the last two days to drop off/pick up materials, including a copy of Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice, which is the summer reading book for our new senior class. Additionally, a message went out yesterday with a link to the summer letter (which had a permission issue… oops) so here again is the  link to the Senior Summer letter, which we encourage you to read over and reach out if you have any questions. 

The final assignment for this year’s junior class was to “Take a picture of yourself that represents being SES”  Below is a sample of just some of the amazing photos submitted! 

And, if you need a little inspiration as we move into summer:

End of Trimester Grading Reminders

  • Please check Campus to view your student’s final grade in each of their trimester 3 courses.  If you and your student decide that you would prefer a grade of P (Pass) instead of the passing letter grade earned, please send an email to Lauren.Trainer@district196.orgto have the letter grade changed to a P on your student’s transcript. 

  • Students have the opportunity to earn a traditional letter grade in their courses.

  • Students and families also have the option of selecting “P” (Pass) to replace a passing grade (above 60%) in any/all of their current courses.

  • Students not meeting the passing requirements for a current course will receive an NC (no credit) on their transcript.


Notes on Tech Issues and Support:

Storing your iPad over the summer

  • Charge iPad to 60-80% and power it OFF

  • Put a note inside the front cover with your unlock passcode and Collab password

  • Keep it in a safe, temperature-controlled spot

Summer Learning and Technology 

We encourage students to continue learning this summer, using the devices to access information, create and connect like they do during the school year. Our website provides information on device care, limiting screen time and promoting digital citizenship. A variety of educational activities are also available on our Distance Learning and Friday Flex Day webpages. 

Here are FIVE Troubleshooting Steps if you start having issues with your iPad.


Notes from Nurse Jenni

Reminder from the school nurse- If you still have medication at school please email and arrangements will be made for you to get your medication. Have a great summer! 


Mental Health Support Available through the summer!

Emotional ups & downs are to be expected during this time of COVID crisis, but if your son/daughter is experiencing any of the following, ​please consider reaching out for some extra support​:

●  Increased problems in multiple areas of life: academic, social, family relationships, etc.

●  Excessive worry

●  Crying, hopelessness, or feeling sad

●  Significant changes in sleeping or eating habits

●  Feeling bad about themselves

●  Withdrawal from activities or relationships they used to enjoy

●  Engaging in negative behaviors

●  Self harm behaviors or statements like “I wish I weren’t here”

At SES, we have a relationship with the Associated Clinic of Psychology. They have a clinician that provides services to our students on-site during normal times and they continue to be available now via telehealth through the summer. Through a grant from the state of Minnesota, they are able to offer services to students in Dakota County regardless of insurance coverage. They will work directly with the insurance plan on your behalf to answer any questions. 

  • During regular business hours, call the school and home-based Client Coordinator at 612-455-8643 and indicate that your son or daughter attends SES.


Notes from Counselor Nelson  

The School of Environmental Studies is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 SES Senior Scholarships.  These outstanding students have achieved great things in the classroom, through involvement in school and out of school activities, and with their exemplary leadership and character.  They will be wonderful additions to the colleges they are planning to attend next year.  We anticipate they will do great things in the future. SES would like to thank all of the students who applied for the SES Scholarships as well as the scholarships sponsors. 

Flint Hills Scholarship: Elizabeth Wrightman, Jamie Chen,

Fairview Ridges Scholarship: Kaia Hilgendorf Roost, 

SESEF Scholarship: Anna Fregien, Madeline Dieterle, Aiya Jorde, Sylvia Neddermeyer,Elisabeth Westgard.

Additionally we would like to congratulate the winners of the 

Eagan Foundation Scholarships:  Hannah Figura, Kaia Hilgendorf-Roost, Sylvia Neddermeyer, Clarice Rheault, Ren Stokesbary, Elisabeth Westgard.


Summer School Options

SES students will have several options to make up credit during the summer even though SES does not have it's own summer school program.  SES students can make up credits through their home high school (AVHS, EHS, EVHS, RHS) or through either ABE/Dakota Valley or DCAL's programs. Here's the information we have received so far.  Please reach out directly to the specific site for registration



Contact for more Information


Session I - June 15-26 (math/science)

Session II - June 29 -July 10 (English/social studies)

AVHS Summer School Website


June 15 - July 23

EHS Summer School Website


June 15 - July 3 (quarter credit only) 

EVHS Summer School Website


Session I: July 6 to July 22.  

Session II: July 27 to August 12 


Dakota Valley

July 6 - July 23



June 8 - August 6



SES Enrollment for the 2020-21 School Year

More, now than ever, we are understanding the value of a supportive community.  SES strives to offer this support to our students as they learn, grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. We have resumed taking applications for our upcoming school year.  Please pass this on to any friends and neighbors that might find SES to be the educational opportunity they are looking for!  Visit to apply.