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Weekly Wednesday Update June 3

Hello SES Families,

This week the graduating class of 2020 had the opportunity to “visit” SES to drop off/pick up materials and to have their graduation photo taken.  For the teachers and staff that were able to help, it was a wonderful opportunity to see students and celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Graduation for the senior class will take place this Thursday, June 4.  The graduates and their families will have the opportunity to participate in a car “parade” processional from 5:30-6:30 PM through the SES parking lot followed immediately by the premiere broadcast of their Virtual Commencement Ceremony on the District’s YouTube channel called District196 TV

We encourage all SES students and families to watch the Virtual Commencement to honor our class of 2020 and to hear the inspirational messages from our four student speakers, staff speaker and keynote speaker, in addition to a student musical performance.  

“Children of the Wilderness”...................................Margaret Zanmiller

“Choosing Your Path” .............................................Rachel Munkberg

“Memories and Footprints”.....................................Kate Barker

“Red Lights”.............................................................Samantha Corbett

“Two of Us”...............................................................Olivia Bonshire and Everett Larson

"The Myth of the Myth of Sisyphus".......................Billy Koenig

Keynote Speaker.......................................................David O'Hara, Augustana University

Information for Senior Parents (as we have had some questions):  SES seniors were given a survey through their house course to collect the NAME and mailing ADDRESS of the institution they’d like their final SES transcript sent to. Please check with your students to ensure they completed this survey.  If they have not, this link will allow them to do so.  SES Senior Survey


2020 SES Senior Scholarship Winners

The School of Environmental Studies is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 SES Senior Scholarships.  These outstanding students have achieved great things in the classroom, through involvement in school and out of school activities, and with their exemplary leadership and character.  They will be wonderful additions to the colleges they are planning to attend next year.  We anticipate they will do great things in the future. SES would like to thank all of the students who applied for the SES Scholarships. SES would also like to thank our scholarships sponsors: Flint Hills Resources, Fairview Ridges Hospital, and the SES Educational Foundation.

Flint Hills Scholarship Winners:

Elizabeth Wrightman: $2500

Jamie Chen: $2500

Fairview Ridges Scholarship Winner: 

Kaia Hilgendorf Roost: $1500

SESEF Scholarship Winners:

Anna Fregien: $1000

Madeline Dieterle: $1000

Aiya Jorde: $1000

Sylvia Neddermeyer: $1000

Elisabeth Westgard: $1000


End of the School Year - Key Dates

  • Thursday, June 4: The last day for Juniors to receive NEW assignments
  • Tuesday, June 9 and Wednesday, June 10 - Juniors will have the opportunity to drop off/pick up items at SES by signing up for a 10 minute appointment. A message will be sent to Junior families tomorrow with explicit details regarding the flow and parameters for these appointments.  If you have not done so already, please have your student sign up for an appointment using this link: SES Juniors: Drop Off/Pick Up Opportunity
  • Wednesday, June 10: The final day for Juniors to check in for attendance

End of Trimester Grading Information

  • Students have the opportunity to earn a traditional letter grade in their courses.

  • Students and families also have the option of selecting “P” (Pass) to replace a passing grade (above 60%) in any/all of their current courses.

  • Students not meeting the passing requirements for a current course will receive an NC (no credit) on their transcript.

  • Year-long Cumulative Final Exams will not be administered.  Teachers will use professional judgment to conclude learning in each course with an assessment as needed.

  • A short period of time will be utilized at the end of the term to allow teachers to post grades, for students and families to decide between a letter grade and a P (pass) in each 3rd trimester course, and to implement necessary interventions with students to increase course completions.

  • Please reach out to specific teachers with questions regarding final deadlines for submitting late work and if you have interest in choosing a grade of “P” rather than a letter grade. 


Student Fines and Fees

Please note that weekly emails, from District196 Media, have been sent to your student (these do NOT go to parents) regarding any checked out and overdue books and materials (including iPads). Please have your STUDENT watch for those emails and plan on returning all materials, when they come for their 10-minute time slot in June.  

If your student was issued a badge to enter the building, that also needs to be turned in to avoid a $5 replacement fee. Additionally, you have been notified if your student has any outstanding fees related to field trips, Intensive Theme, parking fine, etc...  These Fees, in addition to the replacement cost for any lost items, need to be made as soon as possible. 

Finally, we ask that you check the balance of your student’s lunch account through the FeePay system and pay for any outstanding balance. This payment can be made online. If your student is a SENIOR and they have money remaining in their account you can request a refund by completing the Refund Transfer/Request Form. Any balance remaining for JUNIORS will carry over to the 2020-21 school year.

Payment can be made two ways: 

  1. There will be a basket available at the student’s 10-minute drop off/pick up appointment in June.  Payment (check payable to SES or exact cash) must be in an envelope with the student’s name and ID number.  Please note: the payment will NOT be checked and entered into the system during the appointment. 

  2. A check, made payable to SES, can be sent by mail to the school with a note indicating the student's name, ID number and the fine being paid:

School of Environmental Studies

Attention: Caroline

12155 Johnnycake Ridge Rd.

Apple Valley, MN  55124

Seniors who have not paid their fines, fees or returned their books cannot pick up their diploma. Please reference the email sent to Senior families regarding Graduation on Thursday, June 4 for more details. 


SES Yearbook - Final Chance to Purchase

You can still get a physical copy of the 2019-20 SES yearbook!  There are a limited number of copies available (< 10), payment must be made in advance of distribution through the FeePay system. The cost for a yearbook is $50, with a reduced price available for students that qualify for free/reduced lunch. 

Distribution of yearbooks will take place when students visit SES to drop off/pick up materials (6/1- 6/3 for Seniors and 6/9-6/10 for Juniors) You must make your payment in advance of your scheduled appointment time, NO in-person payments will be accepted. 

Yearbook signing is here! 

And there, and wherever you want it to be since this year, it will be a digital signing. Just to get started. You will create a unique link through Jostens, and send that link out to all you want to sign your yearbook. You don’t have to have purchased a yearbook to sign one! Then, when ready, just print the pages and keep them with your yearbook. It may not be the same, but the tradition still lives on.


Mental Health Support Available through the summer!

Emotional ups & downs are to be expected during this time of COVID crisis, but if your son/daughter is experiencing any of the following, ​please consider reaching out for some extra support​:

  • Increased problems in multiple areas of life: academic, social, family relationships, etc.
  • Excessive worry
  • Crying, hopelessness, or feeling sad
  • Significant changes in sleeping or eating habits
  • Feeling bad about themselves
  • Withdrawal from activities or relationships they used to enjoy
  • Engaging in negative behaviors
  • Self harm behaviors or statements like “I wish I weren’t here”

At SES, we have a relationship with the Associated Clinic of Psychology. They have a clinician that provides services to our students on-site during normal times and they continue to be available now via telehealth through the summer. Through a grant from the state of Minnesota, they are able to offer services to students in Dakota County regardless of insurance coverage. They will work directly with the insurance plan on your behalf to answer any questions. 

During regular business hours, call the school and home-based Client Coordinator at 612-455-8643 and indicate that your son or daughter attends SES.


Notes from Counselor Nelson 

Advanced Placement: Requesting Exception Testing

Advanced Placement we offer exception testing for the small number of students who are unable to take or complete makeup exams. Exception testing will be held from June 22 to June 30, 2020, at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. Eastern Time. There will be no further testing dates available for 2020.  Students approved for makeup exams are eligible for 2020 exception testing if:

  • They need to take two makeup exams that are scheduled at the same time.
  • They had technical issues while testing.
  • They experienced a disruption while testing.
  • Illness interfered with their testing.

Students may also request exception testing if their teacher identified an unintentional submission issue when viewing their copy of the student’s response (e.g., blank, missing, or blurry pages) from the primary testing window.  Note: Being unsatisfied with an exam response is not a valid reason for a student to request makeup testing.  If students used the backup email submission process but their exam remains incomplete (e.g., because submission requirements were not met), we will automatically send these students e-tickets for exception testing.

The AP Exception Testing Request Form will open on June 1 at 12 p.m. ET, and close on June 7 at 6 p.m. ET.

To complete the form, students will need the AP Makeup Request Key from their most recent e-ticket for the exam they want to take. If they can’t find their e-ticket email, a backup copy is available in their My AP account. They need to find the exam subject in their account and click the link below their e-ticket to copy the Makeup Request Key to their clipboard.  Students who are approved for this final testing window will receive confirmation the week of June 15 and will receive an e-ticket two days before their exam.

Summer School Options

SES students will have several options to make up credit during the summer even though SES does not have it's own summer school program.  SES students can make up credits through their home high school (AVHS, EHS, EVHS, RHS) or through either ABE/Dakota Valley or DCAL's programs. Here's the information we have received so far.  Please reach out directly to the specific site for registration


Session I - June 15-26 (math/science)

Session II - June 29 -July 10 (English/social studies)

AVHS Summer School Website


June 15 - July 23

EHS Summer School Website


June 15 - July 3 (quarter credit only) 

EVHS Summer School Website

ABE/Dakota Valley

July 6 - July 23



June 8 - August 6



Notes on Tech Issues and Support: